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A Year on our Farm - post to UK Europe

€24 incl. P&P
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A Year on Our Farm

by Ann & Robin Talbot


Ann & Robin Talbot have launched an innovative book titled A Year on our Farm, which chronicles events on their well-known beef farm in Ballacolla, Co. Laois, Ireland


The Talbots feel that farming and particularly beef farming rarely attracts positive consumer interest and they want to tell the story of what really happens on an Irish livestock farm on a day to day basis; to show a side to Irish agriculture that is positive, progressive and wholesome.


While it is aimed firstly at the farming sector, the Talbots have also endeavoured to make it accessible to the general consumer. “We are proud of what we do and want to show consumers who, rightly, care very much about where their food comes from, the amount of skill, hard work and dedication involved,” says Robin.


The photos were taken by Ann who is not a trained photographer but she has tried to capture the animals and people in their working clothes going about their daily life. This is a no-frills account of life on a modern farm, which is gritty at times but unswervingly honest.

A Year on our Farm, is a 120 page full colour A4 book. Price €24 including p&p.


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