On February 12th 2017, we will be hosting a farmland walk. 


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If you would like to know more about the thinking behind the walk, please copy and past the following link, to a column Ann wrote for the Farming Independent.



In December 2013, CNN International visited the farm, when they spoke to Padraig Brennan of Bord and Robin as part of a series they are doing about ireland's exit from the bailout. See the interview on




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"Invaluable book a must read for farmers and farm families."

Jim O'Brien, Farming Independent, September 24th, 2013


"A gem of a book ... which does a great job in knitting the calendar year together and does farming a service in the process."

Damien O'Reilly, Irish Country Living.


A Year on our Farm, written by Ann & Robin, documents in words and photos the visitors, the events, the highs and the lows on this farm in the turn of a year was launched by Damien O'Reilly of RTE Radio 1's CountryWide programme in September. 

Book is available through this website. See "Products". Price is €24, including P&P (to Ireland).  Payment by cheque or Paypal. Sorry postage is high but book weighs over 500g. In interested in more than one copy, please email us.

Following the launch, we were interviewed by Damien O'Reilly for Countrywide.



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Listen to CountryWide interview here. http://youtu.be/I7Qmlig5dmU



Trent Loos, the Voice of Rural America, whose Loos Tales goes out on 100 radio stations across America and who has over 3m listeners on air and online interviews Damien O'Reilly. Imagine our surprise (and more) when he references our book  A Year on our Farm.

Listen Here http://youtu.be/SlhlABcI7dA